The Tinker Pumpkin: No Carving Required

When my son was a toddler, we’d celebrate Halloween with a traditional Jack-O-Lantern. He loved the sensory experience of pulling out globby handfuls of seeds, and was happy to let us carve. And at the end, the candle was magic.

But a few years ago, he was suddenly grossed out by the seeds! So we found this super easy jack-o-lantern alternative. 

Young builders will have fun using the tools and experimenting with different hardware combinations. And since kids aren’t limited by what’s easy to carve, there is a lot of room for creativity in designing their pumpkin.


Assorted hardware — washers, picture hooks, screws, nails, wire, etc.  Use what you have in your junk drawer!

Tools — screwdriver, hammer, wire cutters.


Simply arrange the hardware on the pumpkin in whatever design your children want. Secure hooks, washers, and other hardware with nails or screws.

You don’t really need the screwdriver or hammers, since the pumpkin is so soft.  Most of the hardware goes in like a push pin. But it’s more fun to use tools!

Note: As always, fully supervise kids with tools and review tool safety before starting.