Crash Course in Homeschooling

So covid has you thinking about homeschooling. Maybe your school district is meeting in person, and you’re not quite comfortable with the idea of sending your kids into a group setting. Maybe you’ve tried your local zoom schooling option with your 6 year old, and you’re tired of chasing him down when he runs off to play with LEGOs (and you’ve decided it’s better for him to be playing with LEGOs, anyway!) Maybe your 12 year old is getting more migraines than learning out of her 7 hour zoom days.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself considering a mode of learning you may never have considered for your family before, because right now it seems like the best option. Truth be told, this is how most of the homeschoolers in our community got started — with a deep, honest reflection about what is best for their children —  and a leap of faith. So you’re more ready than you think.

But what does homeschooling look like during covid times?  How can overwhelmed and stressed out parents accommodate their children’s learning at home, on the fly, without any experience?

This “Crash Course” aims to get you started with the basics of homeschooling, to help you figure out what works for your household and children. My hope is that from these articles you’ll see the value of focusing on your kids instead of state standards, and you’ll begin to tackle things like a true homeschooler — by enjoying your family, making adjustments as your kids grow, and embracing the beautiful mess.

Coming Soon in This Series:

How to Select and Plan Curriculum…

Developing a Realistic and Flexible Schedule…

How to Structure a Lesson or Activity…

Child-Led Projects (more learning, less planning!)